Read the Economic Impact Study for yourself.

An economic impact study prepared by Florida-based consulting firm Evans, Carroll & Associates shows that — if approved — the entertainment venue in York County would result in:

  • 2,165 permanent jobs and 2,767 construction jobs.
  • $6.1 million from lodging in the 150-room hotel in the first year.
  • $64.4 million in new household earnings from operation of the casino, and more than $100 million in household earnings from construction.
  • At least $45 million a year in tax revenue for the state of Maine.

That means more year-round jobs and property tax relief for Mainers. The tax revenue would go toward Maine’s vital resources, including Maine’s Department of Education, the Office of Aging and Disability, Coordinated Veteran’s Assistance Fund, Drug Education Initiatives, Gambling Addiction Prevention and Treatment Fund, Agricultural Fairs, Maine’s Native American tribes, and more.

Read the full economic impact study here:

Paid for and authorized by Progress for Maine, Mark G. Filler, Treasurer, 477 Congress Street, 5th Floor, Portland, ME 04101

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